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The release of a US Senate report on CIA detention and interrogation has made available over 500 pages containing previously classified information. On this site we provide for exploration and analysis details of the detainees that were in CIA custody between 2002 and 2008, as presented in the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) report in Appendix 2, pages 458-461.

Days in CIA custody of detainees identified as "wrongfully detained"

Showing all individuals the Senate report concluded were wrongfully detained. Use the "Interrogation" filter to select the wrongfully detained that underwent enhanced interrogation.

Some initial findings:

  • the report reveals 20 names of detainees that "have not been previously acknowledged by the CIA to the SSCI"

  • At least 39 detainees of the 119 identified in the report "were subjected to the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques"

  • the report states 26 of the 119 detainees were "wrongfully detained" by the CIA; the names of 19 of these detainees could be found in the report, while the legitimacy of the detainment of an additional 6 detainees is doubted by the Senate report.

  • while the exact number of days in CIA custody was not entirely declassified, the average time in custody for the 119 detainees was at least 392 days; one detainee, Abu Zubaydah, was in CIA custody for at least 1590 days; the combined number of days in CIA custody for the 19 prisoners identified as "wrongfully detained" was at least 3,980 days, or a combined 11 years.

  • By far most prisoners were detained in 2002 and 2003 (77% of all detainees); these are also the years that contain the highest number of enhanced interrogations and of previously unacknowledged detainees.

Please read our notes on how we interpreted the data here!

Days in CIA Custody (Approx.) of Detainees Not Previously Acknowledged

Days in CIA custody (approximation)

Table is sorted by year of custody, with the earliest year 2002 on the left and the latest year 2008 on the right.

Detainees that underwent enhanced interrogation

Use the filters to show only detainees that were in custody in a specific year or that were either previously acknowledged or unacknowledged by the CIA.

Senate evaluation of the legitimacy of the detainment

Timeline: detainees in CIA custody between 2002 and 2008

Table of individuals the Senate report identified as "wrongfully detained"

Full table of detainees in CIA custody between 2002 and 2008

Timeline: Average days in custody and the combined day in custody for all detainees per year

Years in CIA Custody (Approx.)

The original figure of Days in CIA Custody were converted in approximations of years in CIA custody.

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Original table from the Senate report