Notes on the data

Year of Custody

While the exact date of custody was blacked out from the original document, the year of custody was legible.

Days in CIA Custody

In the original document the last digit of the value of "Days in CIA Custody" for each row was blacked out which makes it impossible to tell the exact amount of days in CIA custody. On the assumption all given values actually contained a last digit the visible figure was multiplied by 10 to get an approximation of the minimal number of days in CIA custody. Cells with only one digit were assigned a value of 1.

Senate Evaluation

While the report states 26 of the 119 CIA detainees were wrongfully detained (on pages 12 and 16, among others), it identifies these individuals only haltingly, across various pages. During our search of the document Silk could identify the names of only 19 of the 26. This includes "Muhammad Khan" who is identified as being wrongfully detained (footnote 32, p.16), but the footnote does not specify which of the two like-named individuals that appear on the full list of detainees in Appendix 2 (p. 458). The remaining 7 detainees from the 26 "wrongfully detained" are only identified as "seven individuals [redacted] thought to be travelling to Iraq to join al-Qa'ida who were detained based on claims that were 'thin but cannot be ignored'" (footnote 32, p.16). In addition, 6 other individuals also appear to have been wrongfully detained, but were not included by the Senate report on the list of 26 because of "internal disagreement within the CIA" about the detention status.